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14 Female Stand-Up Comedians To See Right Now

Comedian Heather McMahan is known for delivering hysterical gripings about life’s regular annoyances while also playing original comedic characters and nailing the best Ina Garten impression you’ve ever seen. Girl has a critically acclaimed comedy tour, hosts a weekly comedy podcast, and posts IG stories that’ll make you howl on the daily, proving she is, for real, doing the absolute most. Geraldine Hickey is a stalwart of the Aussie comedy scene, and she has the accolades to prove it. Not only did she receive a nomination for Most Outstanding Show at the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2019, but she won the coveted comedians’ choice Piece of Wood award in the same year. As well as having appeared on shows like Have You Been Paying Attention? And Hughesy, We Have a Problem, she also tried her hand at acting on the Channel Nine comedy series Metro Sexual.

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Since then, Benincasa’s turned to YA; her first novel, which she describes as “Gatsby-inspired lesbian love and drama,” comes out this spring. (If that sounds a little light for your tastes, her next one is based on Lord of the Flies.) In the meantime, you can find her very funny, very wise commentary in various places across the internet, including Jezebel’s Friendzone column. Nancherla made history last October as the first Indian-American woman to perform stand-up on late-night television, on Conan.

In her latest special, Freezing Hot, the 2008 winner of NBC’s Last Comic Standing talks about how Pinterest is “porn for white women,” and those girls who show off their forearms because they know it looks hot. Right now, Shlesinger is making couples extremely anxious as the host of the game show Separation Anxiety. Bernhard’s not exactly up-and-coming (she’s even on Comedy Central’s best-of-all-time list), but she hasn’t quite attained the level of renown shared by peers like Wanda Sykes. A recent interview with the Wag’s Revue makes for a good starter kit.

Johnson began her career as a stand-up comedian at The Comedy Store in California, before becoming a featured player on the NBC sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live for its 46th season in 2020. She was promoted to repertory status in 2022, ahead of the show’s 48th season. While bi people need to contend with erasure and fetishisation, the identity itself still opens up more opportunities to experience different kinds of intimacy and love. Poet Juno Jordan described bisexuality as freedom, an assessment that I wholeheartedly endorsed in my book, Bi the Way. But while bisexuality may give us the freedom to love people of any gender, we are still fighting for freedom from patriarchy, homophobia, and monosexism that limits our dating choices in practice. While bi feminism advocates for holding allocishet men to the same standards as women and people of other genders, it’s also imperative that the framework supports intersectionality, inclusivity, and equitability.

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Think about what questions still remain for you and what you’re missing to get started. You may have additional support needs — consider attending a workshop or working with a sex coach to help you in these areas. By caring for physical and emotional safety when you have sex, you create the context for fun, enjoyment, and pleasure.

Marla Mindelle and Kate McKinnon were dating in 2013 but separated in 2016. Mindelle is a musical theater actress and famous for her work on Broadway. She’s super funny and adorable, and she played the role of Sister Mary Robert in the musical theater Sister Act back in 2011. She also said that it’s scary to experience when you were a little kid and ask yourself, “am I gay” and the answer is yes. She questioned herself back then in 1997, in her mom’s basement while watching Ellen’s sitcom.

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There has also been increased visibility of bisexual men in pop culture; in recent years, male celebrities like Alan Cumming, Brendon Urie, and Shane Dawson have come out as bisexual. The 2020–2021 GLAAD “Where We Are Now” survey found 33 bisexual male characters on TV, over four times as many as there were in the 2012–2013 survey. The inability to separate strong platonic feelings from romantic ones is another explanation for attractions that don’t add up considering your perceived sexuality. This is not a good reason, but just as legit as any other on this list. It’s what happens when you feel so strongly about a friend that you haven’t felt in a friendship context before.

Cho often imitates her Korean mother during sets, also inserting commentary on topics like drugs, sex, politics, race, and her own identity as a member of the LGBTQ community. Though the Chicago-native performs stand-up in drag, she told Out that she’s a “comedian that happens to be transgender.” But her humor, witty with superb delivery, really comes through during her stand-up specials. She chronicles her childhood growing up as a lesbian in Tasmania, where homosexuality was illegal until 1997. Gadsby also draws on more recent life experiences, like forgetting to come out to her own grandmother. Many stand-up comedians incorporate their experience as members of the LGBTQ community into their sets.

Get the latest from It’s a Southern Thing by subscribing to our newsletter, where you’ll find the latest videos, stories and merchandise. Lee Hardin’s version of everyday life would seem mundane if it weren’t for the way he wrings out every bit of funny with expert timing. Much like Gary Owen before him, Ben Compton is a white man whose comedy reveals much about the common ground between white and black culture, as he attempts to describe his position as an outsider in an African-American community. Especially since Jackie Abbott is also an overly private person (the same feather flock together, huh?). Her mature and humble persona makes her successful in her career and her dating life as well.

Maybe their perceived (hetero-)sexual orientation had to do with it, or they are just not ready, but they somehow manage for years without harboring sexual desires for the girl they like. However, when an unplanned massage with another female friend takes place, it opens their mind yet again to the possibilities. If with women who have never had a same-sex encounter, the attraction https://loveconnectionreviews.com/ for other women might always be there. Because they continue to get with men, they can convince themselves they are totally straight and will rationalize their girl crushes as appreciating the feminine more than fellow straight women. For many women who go through with their first ‘lesbian’ encounter, I believe curiosity lights up the same areas in the brain as desire.

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