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Anal Fissure


A fissure is a minor crack in the soft and delicate area of the anal canal or anus.

Fissures mainly arise in people having the problem of passing large and hard stools. Once the fissures started developing, it will create more inconvenience in passing the stool which also results in itching and bleeding. A fissure though a thin lining, it will cause severe pain and discomfort. These fissures usually take 2 to 4 weeks to heal, but If it is taking more than the time, consulting the doctor is preferred. Fissures sometimes extend upward into the lower rectal mucosa or extend upward to form swollen skin tag.

Fissures have become more common that 1 in 5 people are facing the problem during their lifetime. But understanding the problem deep and getting the medicinal suggestions at early days helps in curing it faster. The fissure condition worsen when the spasm occurs.

Piles are mistaken for fissure very often. But there are slight differences in the formation and causes and effects of Piles and fissures. There are two types of fissures as Acute fissures, which occur on a sudden onset but heals within 2 weeks. Whereas Chronic anal fissures usually do not heal quick but takes upto 8 weeks of time.

Causes of Anal Fissure:

Anal fissures may be caused by the following mis-practices or improper care.

Constipation: Diarrhoea, Irregular bowel movements or passing hard tools are the major reasons for fissures.

Obesity & Improper Diet: The food we intake plays major role in body nitrification and functioning. Taking the foods poor in fibres causes obesity which results in fissures.

Abdominal Strain: Facing difficulty in stool passing strains the abdomen and in females during child birth, damage or tear in anal canal effects in causing fissures. Along with these, Mental Stress or inflammation of anorectal area or a small lump in the skintag can cause Fissures.

Symptoms of Anal Fissure:

  • Pain while passing stool
  • Burning sensation or Anal Swelling after passing stool.
  • Blood in stools.
  • Tear or cut in anus lining.
  • Discomfort and itching in anal region.

Tests for Anal Fissures:

Anorectal specialists are the immediate consultants for early symptoms of anal fissures. They can be detected by the naked eyes, yet to confirm there will be few tests to conduct and recommend on further measures to follow.

Flexible sigmoidoscopy: In this test a thin and flexible tube is inserted with a tiny camera to analyse the rate of fissure inside. This is the preferred test for people of below 50 years of age and it have the least risk of anorectal infections or diseases.

Colonoscopy: In this test also a thin tube is inserted inside the rectum to check the colon. This is preferred for people of above 50 years of age and is at later risk stage of colon cancer, chronic diarrhea or abdominal pain.

Anoscopy: In this test a tubular device will be inserted into the anus to inspect and detail imagining of anus and rectum. From this test it is easy to locate the origin of fissures from deep inside.

Treatment for Fissures:

To start with the treatment process, the fissures are properly diagnosed and tested to know the stage, causes and type of fissure. This may vary with each person and their stage of severity. Hence the treatment procedures vary for each type of the fissures.

If the fissures are of acute type, as they are generally caused by constipation or irregularity in bowel movements, they are prescribed with the initial relieving procedures. These include relieving from pain and heal the fissures naturally. In most of the cases fissures are chronic which doesn’t have medicinal healing procedures. Surgery is the only treatment procedure applied to cure them.

There are many treatment procedures of which laser surgery holds the advantage of early cure with less recurrence scope. We offer the most advanced and modern laser treatment which holds zero cuts or wounds and the recovery time is also less. This laser treatments cures the patient from all sort of mild discomforts and the patient is discharged on the same day of surgery.