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Pilonidal Sinus


Pilonidal Sinus is usually a tiny hole or tunnel in the skin which occurs with the cleft. In its most common form, it consists of sinus situated behind the anus anal. It is formed at the cyst near the tail bone on getting filled with the pus, hair, dirt. This is more common in Men compared to Women.

Causes Of Pilonidal Sinus:

There are different factors that cause PNS which include wearing tight clothes, Excess Sweating and Hair puncture, hormonal changes, Dirt in the natal cleft. This is effected for men mainly who are into long sitting jobs. In most cases, people with insignificant pain medications get relieved from the medication. Obesity is also one of the effects for causing Pilonidal Sinus.


  • The cyst gets infected and appeared to be sore, red and swollen.
  • Discomfort and pain while sitting or in standing positions.
  • Bleeding from the pilonidal sinus
  • Lumps
  • Tenderness
  • Abscess

Treatment Procedure

With the increase in medical facilities, the treatment procedure for Pilonidal Sinus is also increasing creating the good scope of quick healing or recovery.  In the mild cases, medications are working best to cure initially. They use some antibiotics to reduce the internal spread of infection but sometimes may not be the perfect solution. Depending on the severity at the time of identification, medication and treatment suggestions are to be taken by the specialists. As the sinus is located deep under the skin, a permanent cure medication is to be preferred to completely remove it by either surgeries or laser treatment procedures. However there no complete curative medications than removing the infection. Surgically removing the effected area is one to stop from recurrence.

These Pilonidal Sinus is detected by the physical examinations sometimes like Ultrasonography, Contrast Study using the fluoroscopy or CT, MRI study to check the infection rate and extent.

There are 3 types of surgeries available for Pilonidal Sinus as Wide Excision, Limberg Flap for Pilonidal sinus and Laser Surgery. The surgery is conducted either removing all the pilonidal sinus tissues with stitches or by leaving the wound to heal by itself. Under Limberg Flap for Pilonidal sinus treatment, the infected tissue is removed and healthy skin from buttocks is used to cover the infected area. In the Wide excision treatment, the patient will have no chance of recurrence if performed well. In the procedure of Limberg flap and Laser, there are chances of recurrence based on the post-operative care and measures.