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Dating Around TV Series 2019 2020 Dating Around TV Series 2019 2020 User Reviews

Here though, Netflix have gone all out to make a stylish, aesthetically pleasing show with differing venues and decor through every episode to keep things feeling fresh. From tripping and headbutting my date to spilling meatball sauce down my face and onto my white top, I’ve come to the conclusion that me and dating are just not compatible. Thankfully, Netflix’s latest reality series Dating Around is here to show all the highs and lows of the dating scene instead. Split across 6 episodes, this Netflix Original doesn’t really reinvent the wheel but what it does do is make for some incredibly compelling and binge-worthy TV that’s sure to get people talking. I usually like reality tv that’s a little nuanced, and if you’re like me, don’t watch this show. What this show lacked in originality, however, it made up for in quality of the filming, soundtrack and good storytelling.


It is truly unfortunate how this show totally lost my interest with the introduction of Season 2. I’m a lover of reality T.V., but not when it’s contrived, scripted, and totally fake. I hope they will bring back the format of the first season; otherwise, I will no longer be watching. Of all his dates, it was clear that Justin and Ann had the most in common. The pair shared a love for weddings, drinking, dance, and even discussed dating apps.

New Yorker Demi rounded off the sixth and final episode of Dating Around season 2. Immediately, anyone could assume that Demi’s looks gain her a lot of attention, but the digital marketing exec proved that there was a lot more to her than just being beautiful. The way thatDating Aroundis filmed provides a much more genuine feel when it comes to reality TV, and this episode of the Netflix series showed many sides of Demi, from her vulnerability to her goofy side. Britton, Allan, Zach, Noel and Trevor all had the pleasure of dating Demi, but it was Zach who managed to bag himself a second date.

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It just presents gibberish of all these cut scenes and all the women are going crazy over one guy whom we know nothing about and doesn’t seem very likable to begin with. He just stands around smirking at women as if he’s God’s Gift to All Women, and of course they all fall all over him, yet we just see once super-short cut scene after another, and nothing makes any sense. Overall if you have a bit of spare time watch it, would I say it is a go to type of thing, no. If there was a second season I’d probably watch if i had nothing better to watch.

(And it is.) Another reason Ann is a surprising pick for Justin is that Barbara seemed like the frontrunner after Justin kissed her as they overlooked Bourbon Street. In the end, though, Justin and Ann met up in the daytime later that week and went to a museum. On the flipside, guessing who the lead participant is going to pick for the second date is the most fun part of Dating Around season 2. Of course, at times, it is easy based on how the dates went but on a couple of episodes, it’s easy to doubt between two potential couples. Cardi B, Chance the Rapper and Tip “T.I.” Harris judge this reality competition that sees young hopefuls compete to become the next hip-hop superstar.

Sometimes you’ll get 10 minutes into an episode and a brand new date will pop up only to realize the first 10 minutes have been all about the other 4 dates. It’s moments like this that do detract a little from the overall enjoyment. Part of the fun here comes from figuring out who these people are and whether first impressions really are telling.

The episodes are divided up into different moments in the date, beginning with pre-drinks then dinner and eventually ending with after-hour drinks. This is then concluded with a ride home where the singleton decides whether to take their xmatch sign up number or not. The final scene of the episodes then shows who that man or woman has chosen. Each episode follows a single person going on five blind dates as they decide which person will get a second date in this reality dating show.

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Mind you I’m not usually a reality show watcher at all. The first episode was a bit rough as well and almost did not watch the whole season. You are left puzzled at the end as to why the protagonist chose the one they did.

Dating Around (2019-)

Allan proclaimed to be on the “bad boy” side, but Zach, he was fun and danced on the streets with her. Thankfully, Demi knew what was right for her and chose Zach when it came to the second date. The 26-year-old Heather went out with 5 amazing men and had 3 amazing dates, which is not a bad ratio, to be honest. “Hi everyone! Your girl Deva is safe and healthy in Wellington, New Zealand. Still haven’t found the right person and I’m good doing me until I find my matching spark.” He may be a ladies’ man, but Luke is ready to settle down — after some light drinking, deep kissing and one date’s awkward-but-adorable door snafu. On February 6, 2020, the series was renewed for a second season, which premiered on June 12, 2020.

In the end, Deva chooses Maria, an artist whose name she recognizes. She even tells Maria that she bought one of the eye masks she designed for her roommate. They also share another kiss at the end of the night when Deva drops Maria off in a car and they exchange numbers. At the end of the episode, Deva and Maria reunite to ride bikes around New Orleans.

Digital marketer and self-proclaimed workaholic Demi Diaz dazzled her five dates in the final episode of the season. Although this from May 29 signals that she has found love elsewhere since filming . Demi appeared on ‘Dating Around’ to break her chain of dating the guys who just end up breaking her heart. She went out with Allan, Zach, Britton, Trevor, and Noel, but it was soon obvious that she felt no real connection towards the latter three. She had fun with all of them, yes, and completed every date, but it was just evident from the way she behaved and had her walls up.

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